In October of 2017, the cream “V Resonatic Cream,” an exploration into a new value of cosmetic products, was born from Pola’s new brand “V.” WOW was in charge of directing and producing the television commercial for this product.

The message for “V Resonatic Cream” is “People echo with people. People elevate with people.” This message is demonstrated through the uniquely designed bottles which dance playfully and elegantly. The dance and formation of the bottles are not dismissed as a mere fantasy from beginning to end. Rather, this world of imagination is articulated with a sense of realism through the realistic and precise movements of the bottles. Moreover, in order to make the most of this product’s unique form, we took particular care to the theatrical backdrop and the movements so that audience members will be tempted to hold and touch the product in their own hands.

2017年10月、POLAの新ブランド「V」から、化粧品の新たな価値を追求したクリーム『V リゾネイティッククリーム』が誕生。WOWは、本品のテレビコマーシャルの演出・制作を担当。

『V リゾネイティッククリーム』の「人は、人と響きあう。人は、人と高めあう。」というメッセージを、個性的なデザインのボトルたちが、楽しく優雅にダンスすることで表現。ダンスやフォーメーションはファンタジーで終始せず、リアルな動きを適度に織り込むことで、非現実的な世界に説得力を持たせるようにした。

Creative Director: Morihiro Harano
Director: Ryo Kitabatake
CGI Designer: Kazunori Kojima, Tsutomu Miyajima
CGI Producer: Yasuaki Matsui
Online Editor: Daisuke Endo
Mixer: Takeyasu Kobayashi
Narrator: Yoko Sano
Agency Producer: Motoko Shimizu
AE: Ayumi Yasuda
Production Manager: Makoto Nakanishi
Producer: Yumi Shinozaki
ECD: Kotaro Sugiyama

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