The first part of a study series which expresses the likeness of living things using minimal elements; a work born from the process used for the piece “QUE OF LIFE.” Both works were created using 3D computer graphics generated by hand motion capture.
This work is printed directly onto the metal plate. Its unique points are the metal's texture and the subtle roughness of the ink. Because this work has plenty of durability thanks to the UV ink printing, the piece is left uncovered by glass, and only the outside edges are protected by a black L-shaped frame.

生き物らしさをミニマムな要素で表現するスタディシリーズ第一弾、“QUE OF LIFE”の制作過程で生まれた作品。

sando (Ryo Kitabatake + Shunsaku Ishinabe)
UV Inkjet Print / Steal Panel
420×320 (A frame is included in this price.)

QUE OF LIFE - Motion Graphics
​​​​​​​Study series Vol. 1, exploring what “life” really is. Depicting the characteristics of living creatures using minimum elements, based on hand movements.

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