The TEIJIN GROUP 100th Anniversary Project, jointly presented by KITCHEN&COMPANY, MIKATA, and WOW. The announcement of “FUTURE NAVIGATION” as a global message. At the same time, they are establishing “THINK HUMAN PROJECT,” and pursue the “improvement of QOL of humans in the future” through nine experimental projects.
WOW was in charge of the production and creation of TVCM and OOH as part of the announcement of “FUTURE NAVIGATION.” In order to express this project, in which TEIJIN tried to rethink humanity from new and multiple perspectives, we constructed visuals and a story based on the idea to break the general one of humanity down to unknown. What distinguishes humans from "things"? How do humans interact with the environment? What does it mean for humans to live like humans? It is a creation that challenges these questions, which have no clear answers, through various areas and expressions. We have aimed to create a quirky yet beautiful world boldly and delicately by reconstructing a sensitive motif.

KITCHEN&COMPANY、MIKATA、WOWのコラボによる帝人グループ100周年プロジェクト。次の100年を見据え、全世界共通のグローバルメッセージとして「FUTURE NAVIGATION」を宣言。同時に「THINK HUMAN PROJECT」を立ち上げ、9つの実験的なプロジェクトを通して「人の未来のQOL向上」を模索する。

Director:Ryo Kitabatake
Visual Designer:Tsutomu Miyajima, Takuma Sasaki, Tai Komatsu(cai)
Executive Producer:Hiroshi Takahashi
Producer:Ko Yamamoto
Assistant Producer:Reiko Katayama
Production Manager:Shinya Shimizu

Director of Photography:Senzo Ueno(TOKYO)
Stills Photographer:Asaki Koshikawa
Gaffer:Keisuke Ikeda
Motion Control(BOLT):Juri Yasuda(Rocket)
Grip:Tetsu Kaneko(Rocket)
DIT:Shingo Takahashi
Hair & Make-up: RYU
Special Make-up:Amazing JIRO
Casting:Shunsuke Fukuda(e-spirit)
Production Vehicle:Yasutoshi Shima(BONDS)

3D Facial Capture:avatta
HDR Supervisor:Fumihiko Kamemura
Match Move Artist:Yasuhiro Kato
CG Producer:Joe Fukushima(cai)
Retoucher:Yoshiaki Sakurai
Making Of:Harunobu Mitsui
Offline / MAV studio:IMAGICA
Online/Composite/Color Grading:Akio Sakamaki(jitto)
Music:Test Flights
Music Producer:Manato Kemmochi(GRANDFUNK)

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