BAO BAO ISSEY MIYAKEの新作「FACE」のPOP UP EVENTがEYE OF GYREにて開催。WOWは、インスタレーションエリア・プロジェクションエリア・プロダクトエリアの企画・演出・制作を担当。

BAO BAO ISSEY MIYAKEは、イッセイ ミヤケのものづくりの根幹にある「一枚の布」というコンセプトを体現しているバッグブランド。三角形を構造体とし、バッグを使用すると平面が立体になり、フォルムが変化。偶然によって生まれる予測できない変化を通して、美しさ、楽しさ、驚きを使い手にもたらす。


A pop-up event for BAO BAO ISSEY MIYAKE's new creation, “FACE,” was held at Eye of Gyre. WOW was responsible for the planning, production, and creation of the installation area, projection area, and product area.

BAO BAO ISSEY MIYAKE is the bag brand that embodies the “piece of cloth” concept that is at the heart of ISSEY MIYAKE’s craftsmanship. The structure of the bag is formed from triangular shapes, and when it is used its form changes from a flat surface into that of a 3-dimensional object. The unpredictable changes brought about by chance convey beauty, joy, and surprise to the user.

Using the human face as a motif, “FACE” features the placement of new geometric shapes in addition to the standard triangles. At this exhibition, the lovable, idiosyncratic world of “FACE” was expressed using graphics and projection mapping. By likening the changes in form when objects are placed inside the bags to changes in facial expressions, the area was filled with joy and surprise. The sometimes modern, sometimes humorous expressions of “FACE” were on full display.

Director:Ryo Kitabatake
CG designer:Ryo Kitabatake, Hironobu Sone
Programmer:Shunsaku Ishinabe
Producer:Yasuaki Matsui
Assistant Producer:Kanako Kaeriyama
Space Designer:Naoki Nishimura (HAKUTEN) / Reiko Katayama
Sign Designer:Rin Matsunaga
Project Manager:Miwa Haraguchi (HAKUTEN) / Meguru Katayama (HAKUTEN)
Music:Masato Hatanaka


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