Nippon TV’s news show, “NEWS ZERO”, is on-air with a new jingle.
WOW conducted its planning, presentation, and production, and portrayed the rings of zero spreading over cities and mountains, and other scenes in our daily lives.
The delicate and interspersed portrayal of the people's lives and the contrast of the bold rings are depicted in refreshing white and vivid green.
日本テレビの報道番組「NEWS ZERO」のジングルが、新しく生まれ変わってオンエア。WOWは企画・演出・制作を担当し、人々が生活する街並みや山あいなど、日常生活の風景にゼロのリングが広がっていく様子を描いた。

Director / Designer:Ryo Kitabatake
Producer:Go Hagiwara

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