DJ Shadowのニュートラック「Slingblade」のMVの企画・演出を担当。

WOW was in charge of the planning and production of the MV for DJ Shadow’s new track, “Slingblade.”

We designed the story and the visuals using the degenerate and mysterious impressions we got from the track as a base. Unlike what is usually done, we created the MV using an approach that returned the idea of ambiguity to its original expression, and in doing so, had the MV use organic and distinct visuals.

Director:Ryo Kitabatake
Visual Designer:Ryo Kitabatake, Takuma Sasaki, Tai Komatsu (Cai)
Producer:Ko Yamamoto
Production Manager:Shinya Shimizu

Director of Photography:Ko Nakamura
Lighting & Gaffer:Yosuke Oshima
Production Design:Ryo Osato
Hair:Tsutomu Namaizawa
Make-up:Atsuko Ohtsu
Match Move Artist:Yasuhiro Kato

Best of Stash 2020: Music Video ▶ For more details
Gold Winner: Craft - Promotional Video at Telly Award ▶ For more details

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